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Having grown up on a produce farm, we understand the backbreaking labor it takes to grow quality produce. We also realized the difficulty in marketing our produce to the consumer and the frustration of seeing withered and waxed produce in the grocery stores when we knew the luxury of picking it fresh.

Our goal here at Shenandoah Produce is to connect you with small local farmers and their fresh produce, meat, dairy, canned and baked goods. We enjoy building relationships with these family farmers and paying them sustainable prices for their hard work. We also are committed to being good stewards of our environment to ensure that we each are able to munch on wholesome and healthy foods.

During the winter months, our growers do extend south of Virginia to be able to continue to provide fresh produce and fruit to you year around. Even in the winter months, we strive to only work with small farmers to ensure that you have the best produce around.

It is our goal to provide you with a healthy variety of produce each week that fits your family. This is of course does vary with the weather and the growing season.

Each one of our farmers and producers would like to personally thank you for helping to support them and the local economy. We, in return, want to provide you with the freshest, healthiest produce possible so we can each continue to experience the blessing of real food.

Dean Wadel

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